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7 Celeb Photoshop Fails That Make Stars Look Worse

chris prattQuick, can you guess who this handsome celebrity is? I'll give you a hint: HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THIS PICTURE. Talk about your Photoshop fail! You guys, this is supposed to be Chris Pratt. You know, the funny goofball from Parks and Recreation? Star of Guardians of the Galaxy? Anna Faris's husband? I know he just lost a lot of weight and looks slimmer now, but come on! He doesn't even look like himself here on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. He looks like some generic Hot Guy™. (Also kind of like Chris Martin in a weird way.) They stripped away what makes Pratt so uniquely lovable.

Oh Photoshop, will your voracious, devouring ways never cease? Here are 6 other examples of how too much electronic airbrushing can destroy a celeb's image. It's proof that some art directors are getting far too carried away with this editing tool. Oh, and Entertainment Weekly? Please give us back the real Chris Pratt. We don't want your impostor.

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1The Real Chris Pratt

This is what Chris Pratt looks like in his natural state. Yes, even after the weight loss.

Entertainment Weekly

2Photoshop Fail: Chris Pratt

This is Chris Pratt on Photoshop ... we think?

Jason Kempin/Getty

3Kate Upton

Kate Upton usually has two underarms, as do we all. Celebs, they're just like us!

Getty Images

5Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, actress, model, and owner of two full-length arms.

Frazer Harrison/Getty

7Candice Swanepoel

Speaking of arms, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel's are on the slim side. No doubt about it. No big deal -- that's just how she's built.

Victoria's Secret

8Photoshop Fail: Candice Swanepoel

So why do we need to give Candice Swanepoel body-builder arms? Not to mention -- they're uneven! Like she's been working out on her left side, really building up one of her shoulders.

Frazer Harrison/Getty

9Christina Hendricks

We all know what Christina Hendricks is famous for. Her standout performance as Joan Harris in Mad Men, of course! And also her standout hourglass figure.


10Photoshop Fail: Christina Hendricks

So then in what universe would this woman in the silver bikini and blonde bob be the same woman? Some sleuthing reveals Christina Hendricks did not get implants after doing this 1999 Playboy shoot. This looks like a weird case of breast reduction surgery via airbrushing tool.

Getty Images

11Melissa McCarthy

We all know what actress Melissa McCarthy' chins look like. They are double, and they are beautiful, both of them.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

13Kim Kardashian

We know Kim Kardashian worked hard to lose the baby weight after Nori. But is she also magic? She is known to wave a magic wand over some of her Instagrammed photos.

general hilarity

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