7 Celeb Photoshop Fails That Make Stars Look Worse

Adriana Velez | Jul 10, 2014 Beauty & Style
7 Celeb Photoshop Fails That Make Stars Look Worse

chris prattQuick, can you guess who this handsome celebrity is? I'll give you a hint: HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THIS PICTURE. Talk about your Photoshop fail! You guys, this is supposed to be Chris Pratt. You know, the funny goofball from Parks and Recreation? Star of Guardians of the Galaxy? Anna Faris's husband? I know he just lost a lot of weight and looks slimmer now, but come on! He doesn't even look like himself here on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. He looks like some generic Hot Guy™. (Also kind of like Chris Martin in a weird way.) They stripped away what makes Pratt so uniquely lovable.

Oh Photoshop, will your voracious, devouring ways never cease? Here are 6 other examples of how too much electronic airbrushing can destroy a celeb's image. It's proof that some art directors are getting far too carried away with this editing tool. Oh, and Entertainment Weekly? Please give us back the real Chris Pratt. We don't want your impostor.

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