Kate Upton Reveals 3 Brilliant Secrets to Looking Sexy Any Woman Can Try

kate uptonKate Upton thinks you're overdoing the sexy look. Well, maybe not you, but a lot of women are. In a Cosmopolitan magazine profile, Upton says, "I think a lot of people try too hard. Whenever you're like, 'I wanna dress sexy,' that's a bad place to start from." I think we all know the trying-too-hard look Kate's talking about. It usually involves a body-con dress with derriere and boobs jutting out uncomfortably in opposite directions and duck lips. See also: Instagram, 80 percent.

So what should we do instead if we want to look sexy? Here are Upton's simple yet genius tips.


kate upton

1. Feel sexy, then get dressed.  Upton says instead of starting with wanting to dress sexy, "You should think, 'I feel sexy, so what should I wear?'" Oh, okay. BUT WHAT IF YOU'RE NOT KATE UPTON?!? Just kidding -- no, we get it. Sensuousness really is something you have to feel in order to project it. That's how it comes across as genuine and not forced.

2. Feel confident. Upton goes on to say that the other key to being hot without trying too hard is "feeling confident."

I think whatever you're putting out into the room is actually what people are looking at. They're not really dissecting your outfit. My mom always told me when I walk into a room to always smile because it puts everybody at ease, and it makes you feel at ease as well.

(So, how do I let this statement go by without noting that what Upton "puts out there" when she walks into a room is the VERY REASON why no one is looking at her outfit? I'm not talking about her smile.) But I digress. Her point is still valid. It's your confident attitude and smile that will make you shine, no matter what you're wearing.

3. Wear what's comfortable. Did you see those photos of Upton schlumping around the airport in baggy black pants and a loose white t-shirt? Not her most flattering look, you have to admit. But there she is, with that confident smile. She's all, "Yes, 'tis I, Kate Upton, among the masses. Behold how I glow even in the security line in my so-not-trying sweatpants." Well played, Upton. Well played.

Then again, in the same interview, Upton admits that "beauty is pain." She was talking about wearing high heels. So beauty is pain, but sexy is what comes from the inside? That's not what my mother told me. But if you say so! We think we know what you mean.

Do you agree? Can you look sexy just by feeling sexy?


Images via Richie Buxo/Splash News, Splash News

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