Brand New ‘Human Barbie’ Claims She Looks That Way Without Surgery (VIDEO)

human barbieMove over Human Barbie and Human Barbie mom. There's another Human Barbie in town and this one is especially unique. Why? She claims to have had no plastic surgery.

Like Valeria Lukyanova before her, Alina Kovalevskaya hails from Odessa in the Ukraine. She, too, has big, saucer-like eyes and insanely long hair. Her creamy white skin has never been touched by the sun (or so she says), and unlike Lukyanova, she says she's had no enhancements or surgical alterations.

CRAZINESS. See more of her for yourself.


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Obviously this is a look that is very in somewhere in the Ukraine. Why? Well, obviously, these women are pretty in a disproportionate, plastic kind of way. But don't these women know that Barbie isn't REAL?

Personally, as a mom, I feel like I spend a lot of time convincing my children that the images they see on TV and in the animated movies they watch are not real. Elsa? Anna? Their eyes aren't that big. Rapunzel? Her waist is not that small.

But then these human "dolls" come along and muck it all up.

Apparently Valeria and Alina were friends at one point. They no longer are. It's unclear exactly what their falling out was about, but we're guessing it was a competitive thing. It seems there's only room for one "Human Barbie" supreme.

It's hard to say whether a look that requires food deprivation, special contact lenses to make one's eyes look bigger (Kovalevskaya admits to using those), and refusing to walk in the sun (for fear of damage) can really be called "natural." But that's what she's selling. It remains to be seen if anyone is buying it.

But with so many "Human Barbies" crawling out of the woodwork lately, clearly someone is.

human barbie

Why do you think anyone would want to look like this?


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