9 Things in Kids’ Closets Moms Wish They Could Steal (PHOTOS)

kid itemsConfession time, moms. How many of you have secretly eyed your daughter’s (or son’s!) newest wardrobe addition and wished you could wear it yourself? Let’s face it: Our clothes might be pretty and flirty and fun in that "grownup" kind of way, but they’re not Fun the way our kids’ clothes are. 

We moms are often the ones buying our children’s wardrobes and dressing them, so it’s only natural we’d be fantasizing about what life would be like if it were okay for us to wear sneakers that light up or sparkly pink tutus. Sadly, even if it WERE okay, they don’t make all those amazing pieces in our sizes -- unless we are really, really tiny. But they should. They TOTALLY should.

Personally, I can think of at least a dozen things my 7-year-old daughter wears that I wish I could pull off myself. Here are nine kids' items I would totally raid my daughter's closet for without any shame.


Image ©iStock.com/jamievanbuskirk

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