Faking Freckles to Look Younger Is Latest Bizarre Beauty Trend

Fake eyelashes, fake highlights, fake tans, and now ... fake freckles? Yep! Freckles, like the pretty (and real) ones Demi Lovato showed off on Instagram recently, are apparently "in" these days. Hooray for freckles! But the new beauty trend (as with most beauty trends) is to fake it if Mother Nature didn’t make it.

And yes, you can purchase a special beauty product just for this purpose ...


A Freckle Pencil, of course! A beauty brand called & Other Stores  carries one, "with two shades of brown for adding fresh and seductive beauty marks to your face and body." And TopShop will launch their own Freckle Pencil this month. 


I know!

My first reaction is to think this sounds just plain silly. Ridiculous, even. But then, isn’t that hypocritical? After all, the irony is not lost on me that I’m obsessive about SPF on my face, yet I routinely use bronzer and blush to fake that "sunkissed" look (year 'round!). In fact, there are a lot of things about the way I look that I "fake" or enhance, from getting my hair highlighted to wearing lipstick. So why not freckles?

I do, in fact, love the way freckles look. I have a few, but not many (though I have a fair amount of bigger "beauty marks"). My 11-year-old daughter Isabella has a smattering of freckles on her face, and every summer a few more appear (and seem to fade away during the winter). I love them, and think they’re adorable, but just for skin-safety reasons, I don't want to encourage her to "grow more" by means of sun exposure. However, I’m tempted to show her this product ... look honey, people try to fake freckles like the ones you have!

But then, what happens when the fad fades away?

I think what we have here is further proof that we always want what we don’t have. Curly haired women get their gorgeous hair straightened, while I try to coax my fine hair into luscious beachy waves. My eyelashes are long, but I’d actually prefer them to be shorter and thicker. And the list goes on...

The nice thing about this "trend" is that it might help people like my daughter, who have freckles but don’t appreciate them, realize how beautiful they really are!

As for me, I probably won’t be experimenting with a freckle pencil, but who knows? As I get older, I have to confess I’m more and more interested in appearing "youthful." And, if I've learned one thing, when it comes to beauty, never say never!

Would you try a freckle pencil?

Image via ddlovato/Instagram


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