Extreme 'Human Barbie' Mom Makes the Original One Look Normal (PHOTO)

lacey wilddOh boy, there's a new Human Barbie on the scene, and this one is even more extreme than Valeria Lukyanova's version. Introducing Lacey Wildd of Miami, Florida, a lovely 46-year-old mom of six. And don't be fooled by the double D in Lacey's last name. Thanks to 12 breast augmentation surgeries (and whatever Mother Nature gave her), she wears a size LLL bra. In addition to boob jobs, Wildd has had 24 other plastic surgeries and she says she's still not done. She wants to keep enlarging her boobs and booty. It will probably not surprise you to hear her motto is "plastic makes perfect."


lacey wildd

So, let's talk about Wildd's breasts. The Daily Mail says each breast weighs 21 pounds. Wildd has to prop them on pillows to drive (ugh, mental picture of that, go away!), she can't really run, and she only uses the back burners of the stove for fear that she'll light her expensive bust on fire. And speaking of light ... uh, just watch.

Oh for the love of all that is holy -- that flashlight trick? My eyes! My eyes!

As insane as the first Human Barbie seemed, Wildd has taken the obsession to another level. I mean, when you've taken a healthy, able body and pushed it to the point where you've physically disabled yourself, you know you've gone way, way too far. And you know what? I don't think she even looks that much like Barbie. Her breasts are way too big, and have you seen Barbie's ass? It's flat.

We mentioned Wildd has six kids, right?

That's the other stunning thing about Wildd. I mean ... where does a mother of six get the time for all this surgery? Not to mention, I don't understand why she would want to make her job as a mom HARDER -- think of all the other ways her dangerously imbalanced body keeps her from doing the ordinary things parents do every day to care for their kids. Like hug them -- sad face for Lacey's daughter in the video.

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And don't even get me started on the message Wildd's plastic surgery obsession is sending her kids. They may grow up feeling like they're just not good enough unless they've carved themselves up 17 different ways. On the other hand, maybe they're all too aware that their mom has a problem and stay far away from plastic surgery. We can only hope.

In the meantime, I wish Wildd the best of luck standing upright without falling over and stuff.

Which Human Barbie makes you the most uncomfortable?


Image via Splash News

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