Miley Cyrus Ties a 'Baby' in Crazy Pink Hair & Gives Moms Some Ideas (PHOTO)

miley cyrus pink hairLove babies? Well Miley Cyrus has a brilliant idea for sharing your fondness for infants: Wear them as hair bling. Not a real baby, of course! A teeny little toy baby. Miley decorated her pink-dyed bun with a baby doll and Instagrammed it for us all this morning. Thank you, Miley! Now we know what to do with all the random kids' toys we keep finding at the bottom of our handbag. Just pull your hair up into a twist and attach a toy with a twist-tie. Don't have a baby doll? Try a plastic dinosaur or a Lego man. Take a look at Miley's baby-do and see if it inspires you.


Okay, actually that looks crazy-pants.

Still ... the more I think of it, the more I like the idea of accessorizing a ponytail with your kids' tiniest toys. If your home is anything like mine, you have little plastic creatures luring in every damn corner. I have them in the kitchen, on the windowsill, in the bathroom. I may actually do this -- I have a little plastic monster hanging out by my makeup that would look great in a messy bun. Just for hanging around at home, of course.

If you want to make a truly big style statement, you could latch on an entire Playmobil pirate ship to your head. Why not go really big with this trend? Do it before Miley does. All the other moms at the playground will be copying you in no time, you style savvy woman, you! I'm kidding, of course. No one wants to see you with a pirate ship attached to your head. We definitely don't recommend that.

But I would love to see Miley pull off that pirate-ship hairdo.

What do you think of Miley's baby doll hair accessory -- cute or just plain weird?


Images via Miley Cyrus/Instagram; Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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