11 Celebrity Moms Who Don't Dress Like Moms (PHOTOS)

Once upon a time, if someone said "you dress like a mom," you'd recoil in horror and flock to the nearest stylist to beg for help. For whatever reason, having a beautiful baby also meant you were doomed to a lifetime sentence of bad dressing. Society and popular culture dictates you should wear things like "mom jeans," which buckle up above your waist and are tapered at the ankle. You'd find yourself mysteriously drawn to Laura Ashley floral dresses that were three sizes too big. And you all but threw out your stilettos -- filling your shoe rack instead with big, plastic white sneakers and comfortable navy pumps with a respectable 2-inch heel.

Gaining the blessing of motherhood meant losing your fashion sense and the freedom you once felt to wear anything you liked.

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Thank goodness times have changed and, though our grandmothers and moms may balk at our modern mom fashion choices, we are no longer treated as though our bodies need to be covered in boxy, blah-boring clothing the second after we give birth.

Celebrity moms have helped pave the way for ALL moms to take fashion risks and have fun when they get dressed in the morning. Here are 11 of our favorite celeb moms who are defying what it means to dress like a mom.

Do you think there's anything moms shouldn't wear?

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