11 Celebrity Moms Who Don't Dress Like Moms (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | Jun 29, 2014 Beauty & Style
11 Celebrity Moms Who Don't Dress Like Moms (PHOTOS)

Once upon a time, if someone said "you dress like a mom," you'd recoil in horror and flock to the nearest stylist to beg for help. For whatever reason, having a beautiful baby also meant you were doomed to a lifetime sentence of bad dressing. Society and popular culture dictates you should wear things like "mom jeans," which buckle up above your waist and are tapered at the ankle. You'd find yourself mysteriously drawn to Laura Ashley floral dresses that were three sizes too big. And you all but threw out your stilettos -- filling your shoe rack instead with big, plastic white sneakers and comfortable navy pumps with a respectable 2-inch heel.

Gaining the blessing of motherhood meant losing your fashion sense and the freedom you once felt to wear anything you liked.

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Thank goodness times have changed and, though our grandmothers and moms may balk at our modern mom fashion choices, we are no longer treated as though our bodies need to be covered in boxy, blah-boring clothing the second after we give birth.

Celebrity moms have helped pave the way for ALL moms to take fashion risks and have fun when they get dressed in the morning. Here are 11 of our favorite celeb moms who are defying what it means to dress like a mom.

Do you think there's anything moms shouldn't wear?

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  • Jessica Alba


    Image via Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

    Jessica Alba, a mommy of two girls, has a thriving business, successful acting career, and abs that look fantastic in a lemon-yellow skirt and cropped tube top. She gets brownie points for rocking her bare midriff at the MTV Movie Awards.

  • Victoria Beckham


    Image via © Splash/Splash News/Corbis

    Brace yourself, folks, because this fierce outfit -- midnight-black mini, sky-high heels, and all -- is what Victoria Beckham wears to the freaking airport. Correction: It's what she wears to the freaking airport while taking care of her children at the freaking airport. We don't expect the designer to be a slouch in the wardrobe department, but the mom of 4 takes risks and always knocks it out of the park.

  • Heidi Klum


    Image via Thomas Janssen, PacificCoastNews

    Like Beckham, model Heidi Klum is mommy to a brood of four -- but that doesn't stop her from wearing skintight gowns with plunging necklines on the red carpet. Klum shows moms how to make sexy classy, and never trashy.

  • Farrah Abraham


    Image via KVS, PacificCoastNews

    Well, you can say this much for Farrah Abraham -- the Teen Mom isn't shy about showing off her body. While most of us would never be caught dead in this -- can we call it see-through? -- swimsuit, she gets props for being brave enough to wear it.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow


    Image via Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

    She may be the actress that everybody loves to hate, but Gwyneth Paltrow has style sense that moms should steal. This uber mini lace dress works because a) Gwyneth has fab legs and b) she knows it's enough to show just her legs and keep everything else under wraps.

  • Kim Kardashian


    Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

    Kim Kardashian may be a married woman and mommy to baby North, but she still dresses like a hot girlfriend -- the hot girlfriend of a musician, which comes with some responsibility. Her sheer-top-over-sheer-bra-over-jeans-so-tight-she-probably-can't-breathe-in-them look isn't my personal favorite, but I love that she proves moms can still be super sexy.

  • Jennifer Lopez


    Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

    Jennifer Lopez can act, sing, dance, raise twins, glide through several failed relationships and marriages with a whatever attitude, AND wear this scarlet gown, which is slashed in places no one would even think to look. The same woman who shocked the world in her almost-non-existent green Versace gown 14 years ago is still turning heads.

  • Beyonce


    Image via Beyonce/Instagram

    Is it possible that Beyonce is even hotter now that she's a mom? Blue Ivy's mama thinks nothing of donning an incredible sheer gown with deep-V neckline and adding a super-sexy veil to complete her senorita look. Few women could pull this off without looking silly, but Beyonce has the confidence -- which seems to have tripled since giving birth -- to do this glam number justice.

  • Jessica Simpson


    Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

    Those Jessica Simpson legs! The singer has worked hard to get her body back after giving birth to a boy and a girl, who were born just a little over one year apart. She has been spotted out and about lately dressed in outfits that get shorter and tighter with each passing day. And to that we say: good for you, girl!

  • Snooki


    Image via Snooki/Instagram

    If you think pregnancy fashion means maxi dresses and more maxi dresses, take a tip from Snooki and shake things up with ripped black leggings, hot heels, and a fedora just because. The Jersey Shore alum and mom to Lorenzo -- who has a baby sister on the way! -- hasn't used motherhood as an excuse to stop having a blast when she gets up and gets dressed in the morning.

  • Katie Holmes


    Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

    We don't know how she does it, but Katie Holmes - a.k.a Suri's mom -- can wear a totally sheer top with her black bra exposed to the universe and look as classy as can be. Although Katie usually opts for comfy jeans and sweaters when she isn't working, the lady doesn't wimp out when it comes to her red-carpet wardrobe.

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