The 'Perfect Male Celeb' Is a Scary Mix of These 6 Hot Stars (PHOTO)

brad pittWhat would the "perfect" woman look like? E! polled its readers to find out which female stars have the best body parts and then cobbled together a Frankenstein's monster of the perfect celebrity. Mila Kunis' hair and Sofia Vergara's boobs and Blake Lively's legs and ... does this cut-and-paste woman even make sense?!? Of course not. But as long as they're playing this game we had to wonder, why stop at the perfect female body? Let's try the same thing with male celebs! I polled our staff writers to find out whose body parts are the most ideal. Behold, the "perfect" man according to the Stir writers.


franken man 2014

Okay, our guy looks every bit as crazy. By the way, if you're wondering who Jeremy Meeks is, he's the infamous "Sexy Felon."

When you think about it, this is a perverse idea to begin with. Don't we do enough of this to ourselves -- reduce our bodies to their parts? How many of us could tick off what we love and what we'd rather swap out for someone else's. And yet, when you cut and paste together a bunch of ideal parts you come up with Mr. or Ms. Crazypants. Right?

If nothing else, this emphasizes the beauty of the whole. We all have "imperfections," if you want to call them that. But they're what make us unique, and the way everything fits together has a way of harmonizing just right. That's why butt implants and fake boobs look so weird most of the time. You know that phrase "the sum is greater than its parts"? That applies to us!

But ... it was still a lot of fun chatting about which male stars have the best this-and-that, I have to admit!

What do you think of our "perfect" male celeb?


Images via Ian Gavan/ Getty images (Harry Styles); Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor (Brad Pitt); Summit Entertainment (Taylor Lautner); © London Ent/Splash News/Corbis (David Beckham); © RD/ Erik Kabik/Retna Ltd./Corbis (LL Cool J); STARPICZ/Splash News (Maksim Chmerkovskly)

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