Beyonce Wears Naughty Peek-a-Boo Bodysuit & Forgets She’s a Mom (PHOTO)

beyonce jay-z on the runI just saw the most amazing thing: Beyoncé's butt. Bey opened her "On the Run" world tour in Miami last night, and she decided to treat everyone to a spectacular view of her assets (no pun). Thanks to a cutout bodysuit, Beyoncé displayed her booty for thousands of adoring fans. That's right -- her black, glittery, barely-there costume had panels cut out for each butt cheek (not to mention the plunging neckline -- as in down to her belly button), and she pranced around the stage in that getup while singing "Baby Boy." Oh baby! It's almost enough to make you forget she's someone's mama.


beyonce cutout bodysuit

SOMEONE'S MAMA. How do we feel about this? Oddly, Bey's gotten more sexual on stage since becoming a mother. Her last album was practically all about makin' hot lava luv. Okay, it's monogamous married sex, but still. I feel like we have a front-row seat to her smokin' bedroom, which ... I mean, great for her and Jay-Z. But what about Blue Ivy?

I'm conflicted about this. On one hand, I love the message Beyoncé's been putting out there, that you're still very much a sexual being after you become a mom. She's all about the whole woman -- you don't narrow who you are when you have a child. You expand who you are. And in order to get that message across, she's been revealing more of herself.

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That's great while Blue Ivy is a baby. But at some point, it's going to get awkward -- right? I mean, if I went up on stage and flashed my derriere, my 10-year-old son would be mortified. What's Blue Ivy going to think if her mom is still doing this when she's older? For that matter, what has it been like for Madonna's kids -- their mom has been strutting her stuff onstage for their entire childhoods.

I don't think there's anything SO sacred about motherhood that we all have to pretend we turn into the Virgin Mary once we pop out a baby. And I don't like double standards for moms vs. non-moms. I just wonder, what do kids think about their moms being sexual in a public way? Is it embarrassing? Empowering for the daughters? Super awkward for the sons? Maybe someday Madonna's daughter Lordes will write a memoir and tell us. Maybe someday Blue Ivy will see how amazing her mama's ass looks and be proud. Who knows?

How do you feel about a mom wearing a raunchy outfit like this on stage?


Images via Jason Winslow/Splash News; Splash News

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