Jennifer Aniston Flashes Her Bra in an Outfit We'd Actually Wear (PHOTO)

jennifer anistonThe radiant Jennifer Aniston was on the red carpet last night supporting her fiance, Justin Theroux, for the premiere of his HBO series, The Leftovers. It's been months since we last saw Ms. Aniston out and about, and she was worth the wait, with her black silk blouse unbuttoned down to -- hey wait a minute! What's this we see peeking out from that blouse? Why Jennifer Aniston, we thought you were above those "accidentally on purpose" wardrobe malfunctions! No?

Oh she looks all buttoned up here, but take a look at the next photo. Looks like Jen's blouse is hiding a very sexy secret!


jennifer aniston flash bra

Oh hello! I think we see a bit 'o bra flashing here. Maybe not a lot, but enough to tell there's some black lace going on there. Mrwor, lucky you, Mr. Theroux! And we'd like to thank Jen for flashing only that much. I never thought I'd say this, but I do believe she's demonstrating the classy way to do a wardrobe malfunction.

Huh ... I think that qualifies as the wackiest thing I've ever said. And I've said a lot of wacky things.

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Anyway! However deliberate this little bra-peekaroo was, Jennifer Aniston wears it well. If you can look past the cleavage and low neckline a moment, I'd like to point out the adorable matching, not-too-short shorts she's wearing. This is an outfit many of us regular old gals could pull off. Derr, I mean with a few more buttons.

Moving back up again, we see perfect shiny hair with minimal makeup. And somehow Jennifer has a sunny glow without looking too tanned. Okay, Jen, you win: You're perfect. We will speak no more about the wardrobe mal-on-purpose. You pulled it off.

Do you think Jennifer showed too much, or is this actually pretty tasteful?


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