Taylor Swift Goes Makeup Free (With Kitten!) for Her Softest Look Yet (PHOTO)

taylor swift kittenOh Taylor Swift ... I knew you were trouble when you walked in. All cute and perky and talented and tall and blonde and those lips. Taylor, despite her delicate ways, seems to be quite the little minx. And she defied the laws of bad girl status even though she dated John Mayer. Yes, Taylor has managed to still seem as pure as the driven snow, and she even has a new powder puff white cat to prove it.

We met the fluffy Olivia Benson a few days ago -- named after Mariska Hargitay's character on Law & Order: SVU. So cute! But Taylor took her kitten pictures one step further and posed makeup free with the kitty in her latest Instagram posting.


To our delight, it's a video. Live action Taylor from Taylor with a kitty cat. "Not even kitten right meow" was the caption. In the clip she says, "I'm on the plane and this is happening. I don't even know how this is happening, but its happening. She's a really aggressive sleeper." It's too cute. Also cute: Taylor with no makeup on.


Taylor ... pure pure pure. It takes a lot of guts to pose bare faced with a cute kitten, but Taylor pulls it off. It's a lesson that we can learn -- softness. No makeup gives a softness to our faces, especially with soft lighting. We should all try it. No kitten? No problem. Stuffed animals and babies work, too. A heavy face of makeup posed next to something so pure like a baby would look weird. And if you hate the way you look just throw on one of those Instagram filters like Amaro or Walden and those so-called flaws be gone.

What do you think of Taylor's makeup free (with kitten!) look? Do you filter out your selfies? Tell the truth!


 Image via Taylor Swift; Taylor Swift/Instagram

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