Nicole Kidman's Shorter Hair Might Be the First Sign of a Dramatic Change

nicole kidmanNicole Kidman recently went for a stroll with her adorable kiddos Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. It was hard to take in anything other than her duo's cuteness, but something else definitely caught our eye: Nicole looked a wee bit different. No, no, we're not talking about Madame Kidman taking another walk down plastic surgery lane. But she did make a change: Nicole reportedly took out her hair extensions and went short! Or shorter, anyway. Oh, the humanity! (I kid, I kid.) 

Admittedly, it's not like this is a buzz-cut or anything, but considering the fact that she usually has long, flowing curls, it's a noticeable difference. Throughout her career, Kidman's mane has been something of a signature. Sure, she's futzed with the color, but has usually stayed in the red or auburn family. She hasn't changed the length very often, though, and we've always thought of her as a long-haired girl. But this new look makes us wonder whether there are some bigger changes to come.


When you've got hair as long and curly as hers normally is, no good stylist should let you chop it all off in one fell swoop. So Nicole was spotted casually sporting a pulled-back ponytail that was straight and fell just below her shoulders. Subtle, right? Well, ladies and gents, I'm calling it now: THIS is a transitional cut. She's testing the short-hair waters to see if eventually she'll dare to go all the way. 

The thing is, she's tried short hair before. VERY short. And she looked great. But I think going any further in her case might be a bad idea.

I love it when ladies go short (I'm in the club myself)! And I love Nicole's length as it right now, sort of a medium-chop. But she's so tall and alabaster of complexion, and her long hair really frames her face beautifully. I think really short hair might be way too severe on her.

So hopefully Nic will take another look at the long, lovely curls on her daughters' heads and realize that while it might be fun to play with other styles on a whim, she's a long-haired girl at heart!

Do you think Nicole Kidman should eventually cut all her hair off?


Image via Lionel Urman/Splash News 

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