Victoria Beckham Shares Dress She Wore on Her First Date With David (PHOTO)​

victoria beckhamYou probably never wondered what Victoria Beckham wore on her first date with David on your own volition, but now that it's been brought up, aren't you kinda curious? Posh Spice recently shared a photo of the dress that won over the heart of London's formerly most eligible bachelor, and only one word will come to mind when you see it: Nineties. Actually, maybe two: So nineties.


The orange (belted!) suede mini dress certainly seems to be more of a relic from Vicky's Spice Girls days than anything the sophisticated fashion designer would wear now, but we think we speak for everyone when we say: Awwww. It's not the most attractive outfit in retrospect (hey, it was the nineties), but absolutely adorable that after all these years, she still owns it. (And David probably appreciates it, too!)

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Being that she's got a secure spot as a global fashion icon, it's unlikely that we'll ever see Mrs. Beckham wearing this orange crush number again, but man. Talk about a lucky dress if there ever was one. Don't ever get rid of that, Vicky.

Do you have the outfit you wore on your first date with your significant other?


Images via Victoria Beckham/Instagram; Victoria Beckham/Twitter

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