Lindsay Lohan's Thigh High Boots Are Deadly Sexy (PHOTO)

lindsay lohanYou are about to meet a stunning young actress. She's currently making a go of it in London and trying to land a part on the stage production of Speed the Plow. Meet Lindsay Lohan! Yes, that Lindsay Lohan. But at the same time, not that Lindsay Lohan. It appears that LiLo has been making some big changes, and I swear, if I had my glasses off, I would think this photo (and the next one) was of Emma Stone -- Hollywood's favorite "it" girl and the redhead who took over where Lohan dropped off.

They really do look alike and it's not just the hair. Something about that kitten-ish look in their eyes and that I drank some whiskey last night voice. This is a good thing, of course, for Lindsay who seemed way too troubled in the recent past to be compared to Stone. Lindsay is back! We hope! But I think we may all agree that the way Lohan wears these spiked boots is quite different than how Stone would wear them.


lindsay lohan

Perfect perfect! Those boots are killer -- maybe even literally if she puts those spikes to use. She won't. She doesn't need any more trouble with the police. I adore these thigh-high black peep-toe spiked stiletto boots. And Lohan's wearing them to perfection with a white tee and black mini skirt with a black draped blazer.

She looks healthy and happy and all a-glow. This is the way you do sexy without being trashy. Even though the thought of thigh-high leather stiletto boots could be the one item to take an outfit from cute to trashy, this way -- the way Lohan is wearing them -- is exactly how it's done to be the perfect mix of fashion with an edge. Or shall we say spike?

What do you think of Lindsay's look?


Images via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram; Splash News

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