Son Catches His Dad's Hilarious Reaction to His Tattoos on Tape (WATCH)

dad hates son's tattoosIf you are a 20-, 30-, or 40-something, there is a good chance you have a tattoo. The older generations are less likely to have one because the whole idea behind getting a tattoo was very different than it is today. It was a little more taboo, not as safe, and tattoo shops weren't in every town.

I once had someone tell me that my tattoos look like dirt on my arms from far away. That's a really nice thing to say to someone. It was clear that this person wasn't into the look. Some people just don't like them. Like this father. Meet Rocky Ortega, dad of 36-year-old Joshua who records his father's reaction whenever he shows him a new tattoo.


So bad! Ugly. Ugh. Why did you do that? Oh geez. Dad hates them. Reportedly even the one that says "Dad."

Maybe the elder Ortega doesn't like them because they are on his son. If I had filmed my family's reactions to my tattoos, I think the results would be similar. Still, they don't hate tattoos. My mom gets freaked out thinking about how much they hurt me. But she said that when she looks at me, she sees her daughter, not all the tattoos. I've been told that some of the most prim, uptight, and humorless people in the world think tattoos are cool. Which is worrisome because does that now mean tattoos are completely un-cool?

Depends on the tattoo.

Generally, attitudes are shifting. And they will continue to shift. Because I have so many tattoos, I have a feeling my own kids will "rebel" and not want any. Maybe their kids will love them and want to be just like Grandma. Yikes. Moving too fast there. Not ready to be a grandmother.

And while I think it's just fine for a family member to express their love or in this case disgust over their kid's tattoos (the Ortega family is said to be tight knit and clearly a fun bunch), it's not okay for others to say negative things. That dirt on my arms comment ... not nice. Tattoos are like clothes -- a personal choice of what we choose to adorn our bodies.

What do you think of this dad's reaction? Do you think views of tattoos have changed? What has been your experience?

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