Melanie Griffith's 'Antonio​' Tattoo Does Sudden Disappearing Act

melanie griffith antonio tattooMelanie Griffith was seen out and about in Taormina, Italy on Monday without her wedding band, and yesterday, she stepped out at a Film Festival awards ceremony without another souvenir from her soon-to-be dissolved marriage: Antonio's name in ink on her upper arm. Except for the first time, it appears that the 56-year-old actress has used heavy concealer to cover up the ode to her almost ex.

Ugh. Heartbreaking -- no pun intended! That sad outline and nothing inside except for a ghostly remnant of the letters you can make out if you try to squint beyond the makeup is almost painful to look at. Can't imagine being Melanie having to contend with the best way to continue to rock that tattoo out in public.


Still, there are lots of ways she could keep it "under wraps" now that she obviously seems to want to! Outside of applying copious amounts of concealer, she could try a bandage, quarter-length sleeves, an '80s sweat armband, an iPod/iPhone-carrier armband, etc. Okay, just kidding about some of those! But the good news is that she has options -- most realistically, transforming the tattoo into something else entirely, or having it removed via laser! My bet's on one or the other.

In the meantime, concealer's going to have to do. And hopefully, no one's giving Mel a hard time about it ... Breaking up is hard enough to do without having to endure unnecessary, cruel criticism from the public!

What do you think Melanie should ultimately do about her tat?


Image via Mark Thompson/Getty Images

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