Madonna Posts Shockingly Honest Photos for Her New Skin Line (LOOK)

madonna skin cream mdna Is it just me or does Madonna kind of look like Miley Cyrus with her face slathered with a clay mask? If that's what Madge's new skincare line -- called MDNA -- does for her face, sign me up. There's a 34-year age difference between Miley and 55-year-old Madonna.

Of course, this is just one photo. There are others (that we will review in a moment), but they possess a soft focus that makes it hard to tell if it's the products that work or the Instagram filter. Plus, we all know there are many Material Girl haters who like to point out that she isn't exactly "Like a Virgin" anymore and that age has gotten the best of her. Skeptical? See the results.


With this photo, Madonna wrote: "Lovely and glowing! Yaaaasssssss it werks!"

Those purposeful misspellings are jarring. The secret to being "young" does not lie in talking and writing slang like the kids do these days. That aside, I still think she looks fantastic. There will always be those paparazzi photos of Madge close up and comments about how her arms are too toned and skeletal or too old and wrinkly or that she needs all the pomp to distract from the fact that the woman who made wearing 83 rubber bracelets on one arm cool is getting up there in age. But I will maintain that she looks great. This woman has years and years of stage time on her skin and body. Years and years of bright lights and sweating it out while wearing tons of makeup during concerts. And she looks like this. I don't care if it's a soft focus photo and some are questioning how well the product really works, Madonna looks great.

Maybe we all need to start seeing life in soft focus. Be a little less harsh on others and ourselves. Not everything needs to be looked at under a microscope and operating room lights. Maybe we all need to stop criticizing others so much. Including Madonna.

Right now MDNA consists of a Chrome Clay Mask, Skin Rejuvinator, and Serum, but it's only available in Japan. So we'll have to wait to try it or book a flight to Tokyo. Of course, with any product, what works great for one person might not work at all for another. I feel that with all the money Madge has, she probably worked with the best people to try to make the best product she could. Might be worth a shot.

What do you think? Would you try the line? Does the soft focus photos bother you?


Image via Madonna/Instagram

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