Beyonce Shows a Lot of Leg (& More!) in Ultra Hot Perfume Ad (PHOTO)

BeyonceBeyonce has seemingly been in hiding since the news of the elevator fight between sister Solange and Jay-Z went viral. But now she is back with a bang in a new ad for her fragrance called Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid. And like a wild orchid, she looks absolutely exquisite. 

Both the side of one breast is showing and almost the entirety of her leg, but the shot is still classic and classy. As per usual, Beyonce looks sexy, smoldering, and in charge. Dang. Does she EVER have a bad day? See below:


Beyonce ad

I am not a huge fan of celebrity fragrances. It feels a little trite since they ALL have one (or five). Beyonce herself has several other fragrances that have had varying degrees of success. I guess it makes sense to try one's hand at the smell market if only to capture the people who believe this is actually what the stars wear and it will somehow bring them closer.

But let's be real: It's not about the fragrance and how many flower petals it has or notes of perfect citrus that rise up the nostrils. It's about the ad. And on that front, Bey's got us covered.

If she's having a hard time in her personal life, it's not obvious in this photo at all. It's Beyonce at her best. Sasha FIERCE, indeed.

Do you buy celeb perfumes?


Image via © Brock Miller/Splash News/Corbis

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