Demi Lovato's Makeup-Free Selfie Is Amazingly Sweet (PHOTOS)

demi lovatoDemi Lovato's latest series of selfies shared to Instagram deserves a standing ovation. The pretty-as-a-picture singer and actress has been open about her struggles with her body, image, and self-acceptance. When Demi shares photos of herself on Instagram, it isn't out of vanity at all. Demi's selfies -- especially ones of herself without makeup or relaxing in a bathing suit -- are proof of just how far she's come in the battle to learn to love herself. 

Looking at Demi in these photos, it's hard to imagine how she could ever be so down on her appearance. She is absolutely radiant. Her perfect skin positively glows with freckles, making her look quite a bit younger than she usually does with a full face of makeup on. She is beautiful either way, but without makeup, it's her confidence and sense of self that really shine the brightest. 


In addition to sharing this amazing, in-the-pool, makeup-free shot, Demi shared another picture that was, in a way, even more gutsy. She shared a photograph of herself in a bikini. Demi's struggles with her body have been chronicled in depth. They've been chronicled to the point where I gasped when I saw that she was showcasing her body. It's tempting to say this is proof she is still fixated on how she looks, but I think that's backwards.

Rather than trying to hide her body and feel shame about it, she is sharing it and being proud of it -- and that's a big deal. While she might have received flack for being so open about her problems in the past, I think Demi was a role model for doing so. She continues to be one by sharing images like these with her fans.

Do you think Demi is getting better or getting worse?


Images via Instagram

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