Crazy Razor Ad Turns Men's Beards Into Nasty Rodents -- EW! (PHOTO)

beardsTrigger warning: If you hate rodents and love guys who have beards, you should brace yourself. Have you seen Schick New Zealand's new advertising campaign?! It's gnarly. Each image shows a hunky, hipster dude with a luscious beard. But then you look closer and realize that something is off. Those aren't your average beards. THOSE ARE BEARDS MADE OF RODENTS.

The copy on each ad read, "The Beard Has Gone Feral." I can't even with this. Razor company! Why must you destroy something I love! I ask for so little in this life. I'm a hipster girl, and I love me some hipster boys with big ol' beards. But Schick New Zealand doesn't really want me expressing my passion for facial hair with such ardor. In fact, if they had their way? I'd only be all about the smooth and freshly shaven face on my man: Preferably courtesy of a Schick razor, of course.


It's kind of silly to make an entire ad campaign that targets hipsters. After all, if you've read even one New Yorker cartoon about our ilk, you know we are not likely to fall victim to your commercial ploys. Also, if a hipster is buying a razor, you can rest assured that it is going to be a handcrafted bespoke one, most likely forged in a local steel shop. 


Maybe I'm wrong. There is, after all, a huge contingent of hipster culture that prides itself on spending as little money as possible on their appearance. But, you know, THIS IS WHY THEY GROW BEARDS.


I think the razor company is going about this all wrong. If they want to target a facial hair epidemic among the younger set, they should have a campaign dedicated to wiping out neck beards. True story: I have never once seen a neard that wasn't totally gross and terrifying.

Do you think these ads will work?


Images via Schick New Zealand

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