Jennifer Lopez’s Makeup-Free Selfie Looks Nothing Like J.Lo (PHOTO)

jennifer lopezWhoa, hot mama! The newly-single Jennifer Lopez posted a no makeup selfie to Instagram recently, and unlike many of her Hollywood counterparts who partake in the "#nomakeup" thing as well, JLo really, truly doesn't have a stitch of makeup on in the photo -- nary a false eyelash in sight. The singer is as bare-faced as it gets in the revealing shot, and although yes, she still looks undeniably gorgeous (I mean, come on, it's JLo we're talking about), it is worth noting that this could be one of the first times in lord knows how long that we've seen Lopez without her signature trademark: Her glow. 

That's right. JLo is glowless.


Again, Jennifer still looks stunning in the shot (that skin! those brows!), but we're so used to seeing her radiating and shining from what looks like the inside-out. Clearly, the woman regularly uses highlighters -- which, if you happen to be looking for one, may I make a suggestion: Benefit's Watt's Up (you can thank me later) -- but it always seems like Jennifer, and many other celebs, wake up with their naturally dewy skin and perfectly coiffed hair. Not JLo. She's been blessed with a perfectly even, clear complexion, but not a natural glow. (Okay, fine, she's glowing a little bit in this pic, but not like usual!)

Love that Jennifer shared this photo of herself. She looks relaxed, happy, beautiful, and, most importantly, it's a real no makeup selfie, as opposed to the lightly lip-glossed/just a dash of mascara no makeup selfies we've got accustomed to seeing from celebs.

Now. If we could just find someone brave enough to post a no makeup, no filter selfie.

How beautiful (and real) is Jennifer's photo? Do you use highlighter?


Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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