Nicole Kidman's Curvier Look Is Sparking Major Gossip (PHOTO)

Nicole Kidman in a black dress

For years, people have been asking, "What happened to Nicole Kidman's face?" She once admitted to using Botox and then giving it up when she became unable to move her face. But I'm not sure any of us quite believed she went cold turkey! And now our attention has shifted down to her chest. When she appeared in a nude Prada dress at the Swisse Celebrate Life Ball in Melbourne, Australia, everyone was like, "Ohhh, where'd THOSE come from?" Nicole has always been small-chested, which worked great for her tall, lithe frame. But suddenly she had girls. However, she had them girls even before they stood out so wondrously in the sheer Prada. Check them out:

But the nude Prada showed off a part of Nic we hardly ever get to see, so naturally boob job rumors began swirling. A plastic surgeon told RadarOnline:

It appears she has had a pretty impressive breast augmentation. I suspect that she’s gone from a big A or small B to a full C.

On the other hand, going back through old photos, her boobs have been large-ish for years now. In 2008, Nic gave birth to Sunday Rose, and nothing will alter breasts' appearance like getting pregnant.

On the other hand, that was years ago. Would they really still be this large?

I've always admired the ladies, like Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus, who haven't given into the Hollywood pressure to have a boob job, so if Nicole really did have one, that's too bad. With such a thin body, they look kind of unnatural. (And it pained me to use the word "admire" in conjunction with Paris and Miley.)

On the other hand, she could have had a boob lift. Or maybe even used some of that boob enhancing cream I've read about. Does that work? (Note to self: Pick up some boob enhancing cream.)

Well, if Nicole did get a boob job, and not saying she did, but if she did -- appears she did it awhile ago. And somehow, no one noticed 'til now!

What do you think?


Images © Imaginechina/Corbis/© Frank Trapper/Sygma/Corbis

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LeeshaE LeeshaE

My girls stayed bigger after my son. Before I was pregnant I was a small B and now a small D ten years after giving birth. It changes with my weight but when I put on pounds and continue to work out I find the weight just lands in the right spot.

nonmember avatar blue

If she got a boob job, why would they make the nipples be at the bottom of the boob...and in different spots? I suspect a good bra.

balan... balancing-act

PH did get implants a couple years ago

angel... angelofsaturn

I think she needs a lil padding to hide the high beams.

clare... clarencepcanine

Mine never shrunk after I weaned my son :(

mummy... mummyoftwins92

She has had children, maybe this one time wore a bra..Who cares if she had a Boob job anyway good for her. .

nonmember avatar Elena

Mine went from a 34D to a 36D to a 38DD after two pregnancies and have not gone down since. It has been 7 years. I am carrying about 10 extra pounds but that is still quite a jump in the boob department.

nonmember avatar Penny

She's had tons of surgery! She's had at least three boob jobs, and a lot of work done on her face. It's been good work, but she's absolutely lying when she says otherwise. Australia's not even convinced she gave birth to Sunday Rose, they think her sister Antonia did, and that it was very suspicious when she showed up wearing tight white pants several days after "giving birth". She's beautiful but not that smart, her interviews give her away all the time and she doesn't seem to realise some of us remember what she says and that she is INCONSISTENT. NK is a beautiful, empty-headed phony.

nonmember avatar michael

I just saw her Sat, she is not overly busty....the same normal size she has always been...

nonmember avatar charlie

lol! there's not much to them girls, girlfriend. Ive never had surgery and Im a size 47D!

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