Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Sexy Bikini Body in Killer Bathing Suit (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus showing everything her mama (and presumably papa) gave her in the body and also skin department happens every day. I swear, open a paper or a website, and you're like, "Oh look, Miley's labia seem to be doing well." She wears one shocking outfit after another, baring body part after body part, until it's more shocking when she's all covered up in slacks and a turtleneck than it is when she's experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

That's what makes her vacation swimwear so captivating. While she's not in a one-piece or a swimsuit with a ruffled skirt, Miley's simple bikinis are so demure compared to what she usually wears that it's almost alarming. On stage she favors the high-cut bottoms that leave nothing to the imagination. But her black and white poolside suit, while definitely showing off some skin, was also totally age appropriate and pretty darn cute.  


She looks just like your average 20-something hanging out with her cool friends, taking a break during the summer months. Although, granted, she probably has a few more tattoos than the average 20-something hanging out near a body of water with her pals. 

Miley's suit is edgy and high-fashion without being trashy or too tacky. We know she kind of prefers the glamtrashulous (totally just coined a new term) look regularly, but it's nice to see that she isn't above trying something more basic and less ripe for disaster. Even Miley's got to take a break from being Miley every once in a while. 

Do you like or loathe Miley's bikini?


Image via Bruno Marzi/Splash News 

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