Lindsay Lohan Forgets to Wear Pants & Offers a Very Revealing View (PHOTO)​

Lindsay Lohan

Wardrobe malfunctions can be kind of a buzz kill, which is why it's hard to understand why anyone would wear something that basically invites one to happen. And after seeing Lindsay Lohan skip wearing pants under a sheer DKNY trench, it's clear that she was more than willing to take the risk.

She turned up in this coat/dress hybrid at the DKNY Men's Spring/Summer show at One Embankment in London last night. The outfit kept shifting so poor Lindsay was forced to stick her hand in her pocket to keep the material in its place. This is never a good sign.


As you can see the outfit was such that one false move could have proven far too revealing. Oops!

Lindsay Lohan

Now, there are thigh slits, and then there's this gap... Yikes.

Unfortunately for her, the trench would've looked perfectly fine if she hadn't pulled it over to one side to expose her leg. The real question: why didn't she just go into the ladies' room and fix it once she realized her mistake?

Oh, that's right ... my bad. If she'd adjusted the outfit, odds are good that nobody would be talking about her this morning. (Lohan sure is one smart cookie!)

What do you think of Linday's latest revealing look?


Image via Splash News

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