3 Summer Beauty Rules Meant to Be Broken (PHOTOS)

There seem to be a lot of "summer beauty rules" we're supposed to follow, don’t there? But while those so-called rules can help you look great, so can doing exactly the opposite!

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Be gorgeously rebellious and stand out in a sea of bronzed babes who smell like fruity drinks. After all, in my book, rules were meant to be broken -- starting with the biggest summer beauty rule of all...


1.) Thou Shalt Be "Sunkissed"

Don’t get me wrong: I love a pretty, "sunkissed" glow. However, I take great pains to keep my skin, especially on my face, slathered in SPF. Ergo, any "tan" or "glow" I have is, yes, fake. The other day, the irony of brushing on bronzer once my sunblock soaked into my fair skin struck me funny.

So why not embrace the pale now and then? Who says only bronzed skin is beautiful? Whether your natural skin tone is dark or light, it's pretty all on its own -- without trying to make it look like you just ran in from playing volleyball on a San Diego beach.

A great product for letting your skin tone au naturel shine through without, you know, going totally natural, is L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion. It provides just a hint of lightweight coverage, meant to even out and brighten your skin tone, and leaves a matte finish. It contains powerful antioxidants and SPF of either 30 or 50+. ($10.99 at drugstores)

2.) Thou Shalt Wear Bright, Light Nail Polish

Yes, summer is a great time for brilliant coral, candy-apple red, and florescent pink nail polishes. But you know what also looks dead sexy with your strappy sandals or your chic cover-up? A dark, blood red or sultry night-sky blue manicure. I mean, isn’t there something kind of delicious about wearing Essie Wicked as you lounge by the pool?

3.) Though Shalt "Lighten Up" Your Perfume

I love Bobbi Brown "Beach" as much as the next girl, and yes, I agree that coconut and citrus are nice scents for summer. However, this sultry season is actually a perfect time to explore a darker, more romantic perfume. Think woodsy and deep, like Nero Assoluto by Roberto Cavalli (above), or something from the Jo Malone "spicy" collection, or even something chocolatey if you're bold enough. With The Body Shop Chocomania Beautifying Oil, for instance, you’ll smell good enough to eat!

So go on, live a little -- and try a few of this season's favorite beauty taboos! Then laugh wickedly to yourself and be glad you're the one who will stand out at that beach party or BBQ!

What do you think of as a summer beauty rule?

Image via jronaldlee/Flickr

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