5 Picture-Perfect Wedding Dresses Made From WHAT?! (PHOTOS)

toilet paper wedding dressThere's scrimping and saving to shave down a wedding budget, and then there is REALLY scrimping and saving. We are all willing to compromise when it comes to "expensive" if it means having our true dream day. Hiring a friend as a photographer instead of a professional? Sure, we'll risk it. But making our wedding dress out of ... toilet paper? That's just insane.

Unless you are one of the women who put her toilet paper-based sartorial skills to the test at the Tenth Annual Cheap Chic Weddings “Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contestsponsored by Charmin. Now sure, we've all been to wedding showers where we've "made dresses" out of toilet paper -- but this really takes it to a whole other level. 


I don't know about you, but these are dresses I'd definitely consider wearing! The results of all the contestants, not just the winners, will take your breath away. I'd say "sign me up" and buy one now -- but what if it rains or I have an underwater wedding? That just seems a little too high risk for me. Check out some of the amazing offerings from this year's competition. 

What's the most creative sewing project you've ever tackled?


Image via Cheap Chic Weddings

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