Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Rabbit (VIDEO)

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Jessica RabbitA lot of women get breast implants and it's no big deal -- they simply want to feel better about their bodies and boost their cleavage. But Penny Brown had a major plan when she went from a 34H bra size to a 36O -- she was determined to turn herself into a human cartoon character. Brown, who is 25 and Australian but lives in Japan, has been obsessed with Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, since she was 5. That is, coincidentally, the same age she says she decided she'd one day go under the knife to get bigger boobs.

Brown says she has always looked up to the red-headed siren because she was sexy, but also had "power" and "strength." Here's a video of the pin-up and fetish model:

Despite her ample -- and that word doesn't begin to describe it -- bosom, Brown says she doesn't think her breasts will ever be big enough. In order to accentuate their size and look even more cartoonish, she wears a corset every day, which shrinks her waist down to 23 inches. Ouch!

Brown isn't the first woman, and she certainly won't be the last, to get plastic surgery in order to look like a totally different person -- or, in this case, a make-believe character. The most famous recent example of this is, of course, Valeria Lukyanova, who goes to extremes to look exactly like a human Barbie doll.

So why is it that looking at photos of Lukyanova make me sad, while Brown's super-enhanced body makes me -- I'll admit it -- smile?

Call me a hypocrite -- maybe I am. But the human Barbie seems like she's trapped in a cycle of plastic surgery and starvation. She doesn't appear to be in on the joke of trying to look like a human Barbie. Brown, meanwhile, comes across as a happy woman who is embracing her curves -- taking things to an extreme, for sure -- but having a good ol' time doing so. She's actually smiling in her photos. She's IN on the joke.

What do you think of the human Jessica Rabbit? Do you feel this is different from the human Barbie?


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the4m... the4mutts

This woman is ONLY different because she hasn't altered her entire body. But it's still obsessive and sad. She looks like shit, and she paid to look like shit.

nonmember avatar Katherine

What is the matter with people? I had breast reduction surgery to go from a 36DDD to a 36C. I had complications and ended up having 12 major surgeries in about 6 weeks. I only had the surgery to make my back feel better. I can't imagine making them go bigger than what they already were. I hope these people are prepared for the long term problems they are bound to face from these ridiculous choices.

mummy... mummyoftwins92

This is sad :/ no wonder she lives in Japan I don't think they do those kinds of surgeries here in australia. They do breast implants but nothing like this I don't think or I've heard of..

Keira... KeirasMommy1121

It's sad that she does this to her body, but she has such a sweet cute personality and that makes her much more beautiful then the human Barbie for!

short... shortycmlb

Why does everyone care what anyone does to their own bodies?

For crying out loud. I'd kill for bigger boobs. Maybe not that big but that's my preference.

nonmember avatar kel

her personality is adorable! her breasts are out of control, but of that's what she wants, that's her deal

Melan... Melanie_berries

Not even a faint resemblance. ..She looks utterly HIDEOUS!!! It's shameful

iicar... iicarmerin

She looks like she's cute without the surgery. Plastic surgery should help you look like a better version of yourself, not like someone else and especially not like a cartoon.

nonmember avatar eeemz13

What's wih the video that comes on after?

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