8 Fancy Flip-Flops You Won't Be Embarrassed to Wear in Public (PHOTOS)

flip-flopsEvery summer I start in the same way. I promise myself THIS year will be different. This is the year I will finally break out of the shoe rut and wear some of the dozens of heeled and bejeweled sandals I have bought over the years. And then, like every other year before it, I wear nothing but flip-flops all summer.

So what's a shoe-loving gal to do? The answer is this: combine fashion and function. A comfortable slip-on that also looks great out at night? Does such a shoe exist! Oh yes. They do.

Here are 8 awesome flip-flips that do double duty. You can wear them from the pool to dinner without skipping a beat. See below:


Do you wear nice flip-flops? What's your favorite look?

Image ©iStock.com/LSaloni

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