Kerry Washington Does First Post-Baby Outing in Flawless Fashion (PHOTO)

kerry washingtonStand back, everyone -- Olivia Pope is back! New mama Kerry Washington stepped out for the first time since giving birth to her baby Isabelle for the Women in Film 2014 Crystal Lucy Awards. And what an entrance. It's been less than two months, and Kerry is glowing. Could it be the color? We are not talking about the clingy black top she's delightfully spilling out of but the orange. Kerry is working this bright, summery color head-to-toe and in a totally sophisticated way. Let Mrs. Asomugha show you how orange gets handled.


kerry washington

First of all, she found the perfect orange lipstick. Her lips don't jump off her face, and the shade doesn't throw off her own color. She must have tried about 100 different lipsticks before finding that one -- or maybe her makeup artist is a genius.

The orange gets picked up in her paint-splattered print skirt. It's thrown in with blue and white over sheer black, so no one's eyes get hurt. And isn't it a nice break to see sheer happening below the knee instead of, say, everywhere? Thank you for leaving something to the imagination.

And then there's the shoes, which I am loving, especially because I have a pair of orange pumps myself. So that means Kerry and I are meant to be BFFs, which is great because do you think she'll let me borrow some of her outfits? Okay, never mind, back to the shoes. I think solid orange would have been good enough, but Kerry can do better. Orange with black toes brings your eyes back to the skirt and keeps everything in balance, so it's not all, "Hey, everybody, check out my orange shoes!" 

All in all, a stunning debut. I want to be Kerry Washington when I grow up.

What do you think of Kerry's first post-baby appearance? And how do you feel about wearing orange?


Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

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