Jessica Simpson Makes Sweatpants Look Sexy With a Trick We Can Steal (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson is a style icon. Admit it. She is. She can wear something ... anything ... and there will always be people talking about it. We can look to her for fashion advice because, whether we like it or not, the girl has got it going on. I love how she balances motherhood and her career and her fabulousness with such ease. At least she makes it look easy -- we all know it isn't easy being Jessica sometimes.

Okay, maybe it is. What do I know? I don't have her fame or fortune or amazing blonde locks. I can, however, have her style. Her incredible sweatpants with heels style.


When Jessica got off the plane from NYC to Los Angeles, this is what she was wearing while walking through LAX.

jessica simpson

Never have sweatpants looked so glamorous. This shows that it's not what you wear but how you wear it. You can dress just about anything up with a pair of heels. You can look so much more mysterious and celebrity-like with a pair of oversized sunnies. If you have a fancy purse, your outfit will undoubtedly look that much more pulled together.

Okay, okay, so maybe for the average Jessica (or Jane), these pointy-toe stilettos are a bit too much. But any kind of heel or wedge would still make this outfit tip into the glam side of style. You can wear sweats with heels if you want to. And you should.

What do you think of the sweatpants with heels look?


Images via Jessica Simpson/Instagram; image via Splash News

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