10 Best Mascaras for Under $15 (PHOTOS)

mascaraMascara is the one kind of makeup that has the power to transform your face. If I had to take just one thing from my makeup kit with me on a deserted island, it would be mascara, hands down. Nothing opens the eyes up and hides fatigue quite like it.

Personally, I've become accustomed to the expensive brands that cost between $20 and $30. But even the fancier mascaras still go bad within a year or less -- so why spend that much in the first place?

People swear by drugstore mascaras, especially certain classics. The next time you need to replace yours, why not try one of these 10 great mascara picks for under $15?


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Do you have a drugstore mascara you swear by?


Image ©iStock.com/ivanmateev & ©iStock.com/PLAINVIEW