Melanie Griffith Shouldn't Regret Her 'Antonio' Tattoo

melanie griffith tattooWith the breakup of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas after 18 years of marriage comes the discussion of what in the world is Melanie going to do about that Antonio tattoo. Of course there are plenty of other details to sort out, but we -- as the adoring public -- shouldn't be delving into how they will split their properties or who gets the red sports car. (There has to be a red sports car, don't you think?) Melanie's ever-so-bold and romantic decision to get her love's name tattooed in the center of a heart on her sleeve should never be regretted. Yes, I said never. A tattoo could always be covered up or proudly displayed as a reminder of a moment once cherished, a reminder of those 18 (hopefully) happy years.

I'm not certain any new boyfriend Melanie may have in the future will agree with the latter, but this shouldn't be used as an example on why to never get your love's name tattooed on your body.


This heart Melanie has can easily be colored in to be a solid black. A skilled tattoo artist could even make the whole tattoo into something else entirely. A gorgeous bird with open wings maybe. Melanie should call Angelina Jolie. I'm sure she'd have a ton of ideas.

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One thing I know for certain is that Melanie should absolutely not rush into making an appointment to have this tattoo removed or altered. She should wait on it. Any decision made in the weeks, sometimes even months, after a divorce may not be made with a clear mind. I'm speaking from experience. Sadly. I don't have a tattoo with my ex's name, but there were plenty of other decisions I wish I waited on.

I also think this shouldn't be a "lesson" to never get a tattoo with or for your love. I'm speaking from experience here, too. If you believe in your love with someone and you want to show that in the form of a tattoo, then I think it's one of the most romantic things you can do. It's like getting married when you love someone. Sure, sometimes things happen and change, but you shouldn't be thinking about the negative what ifs. Live in the moment. Love fully. Tattoo with reckless abandon! Okay, maybe not reckless abandon, but with love and consideration of that love.

For now, I hope that tattoo reminds Melanie of the good times and all the good things that came out of her relationship with Antonio ... with the number one thing being their daughter Stella.

What do you think of getting a tattoo of or for your love? Is it a curse for the relationship? What do you think Melanie should do regarding her tattoo?


Image via Gemini /London Entertainment/Splash News

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