Katy Perry Is Pure Perfection in Amazing Yellow Bikini (PHOTO)

Katy Perry has made some questionable fashion statements in the past -- anyone remember her fireworks bra? But in recent months, the pop singer, who suffered a tough breakup with John Mayer and may have made up for it by hooking up with Robert Pattinson, has been wearing more clothing and looking even more spectacular.

We never thought the day would come when we referred to Katy as classy, but we're all eating our words right about now. She recently took to Instagram to post a photo of herself wearing a bikini, but this picture is not at all what you'd expect.


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We're so used to seeing celebs like Rihanna and Taylor Armstrong, who have flaunted every inch of their bodies, that it comes as a shock when we click on Katy's page and find this amazing shot of her:

Katy is clearly gorgeous enough to wear a string bikini, but has instead opted for a vintage suit that consists of a happy, summery yellow bikini top and ... what's that we see ... a thong? Nope -- shorts! She leaves a lot to the imagination, which makes her look way sexier than her many naked peers.

Katy captioned the photo: "You walked in, I smiled," which makes us wonder if, maybe, she's in love again. I certainly hope so, since I've always thought she seemed sweet and cool and deserves to be happy (I'm still not over her split with Mayer). I also LOVE it when a celeb isn't afraid to take fashion chances that differ from those of her peers -- and Katy's beautiful bikini look is a winner!

What do you think of Katy's vintage bikini?

Images via Instagram

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