Dry Brushing Is the Beauty Trick That Will Finally Perfect Your Skin (VIDEO)

dry brushingLately I've been sneaking into the bathroom late at night to try out a new beauty ritual: Dry brushing. It's exactly what it sounds like -- you're brushing your skin with a dry brush. I've exfoliated in the shower for years, but after surviving this especially harsh winter, it was clear that I needed to try something more intensive for my dull skin. So for the past month, I've been dry brushing almost every night. And the result? Whoa ...


It's actually working. I'm used to trying out serums and potions and scrubs that kind of seem to be doing something, but it's hard to tell. Well, dry brushing at least four nights a week really is smoothing out my skin -- especially my hips and bottom. That's where my skin seemed especially dry and almost rhinoceros-like. I don't have the skin of a newborn babe, but I'm definitely softer than I was before. It's been so worth the effort.

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Supposedly, dry brushing is great for the lymphatic system, but I think I'll have to keep going to see or feel the effects. I think mine was already doing okay? It's also supposed to be great for blood flow and could even boost your metabolism. Well, I'm all for that.

So, how is this dry brushing done?

1. Pick the best time and make it your routine. I like doing it at night, just before I go to bed, when I finally have some privacy and time alone. It can make your skin rosy, which is another reason why some people prefer to brush at night. Others like brushing just before the morning shower. But picking a consistent time helps you to form a habit. If you have sensitive skin, start off slowly, maybe just every other day or even once or twice a week.

2. Use a brush with soft, natural bristles. I like using a brush with a long handle, so I can reach my back. Avoid brushes with harsh, stiff, or artificial bristles. You're not trying to punish yourself. Natural loofahs will work, too.

3. Dry, dry, dry. Make sure your skin is dry and your brush is dry.

4. Work your way up, moving toward your heart. Start with short brushes from your feet up your legs. When you get to your torso, brush from the back to the front.

5. Then brush down your arms toward your heart. Lift each arm and brush down. Be sure to get your underarms, which is where some of your lymph nodes are located. Some practitioners make the brushing really complicated in brush strokes and order. If you're just getting started, keep it simple and focus on brushing toward your heart.

6. Moisturize. Now that you've brushed off all that dead skin, give your skin some nourishment. Ooh, that feels great.

I like this dry brushing video tutorial by AshleysGreenLife.

Have you ever tried dry brushing?


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