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Miley Cyrus’ Most Memorable Wardrobe Malfunctions (PHOTOS)

When it comes to fashion, Miley Cyrus doesn't know how to play it safe. That's not fair, totally. She KNOWS how to dress up and look fabulous and traditionally glamorous -- she would just rather, well, not. Most of the time Miley is pushing the boundaries of fashion, prancing around in latex or something electronic. Miley wants to shock, surprise, and delight her fans.

If you're going to be as extreme as Miley is in what she wears, of course you are going to have the odd wardrobe malfunction along the way! It's only logical.

Over the years, Miley's had tons of wardrobe slip-ups. Some were shocking and some were just plain awkward. We went ahead and found the 6 most memorable Miley misfires and collected them up for your viewing pleasure.

What do you think Miley's biggest wardrobe malfunction has been?

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1That Time Her Boobs Escaped

Thank god she has her sense of humor -- and a professional boob wrangler.

2She Let It All Hang Out

Sometimes it's hard to tell with Miley, but yeah -- some buttons went flying while she wore this look. Hi, Miley's belly.

4The Two-Person Job

When the back of Miley's stage costume went 'pop,' it was an epic malfunction that required TWO people to get her back inside her clothes.

5When She Forgot Her Clothes

Without enough time to complete a quick change, Miley, ever the professional, dashed out in time to perform in just her bra and panties.

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