Jennifer Lopez's Revealing Stage Costume Shows the Young Girls How It's Done (PHOTO)

jloThere's been a whole lot o' booty baring in the concert world lately. Most of it has been tacky and disastrous. I'm lookin' at you, Miley Cyrus. But it isn't just the new pop divas flashing cheeks these days. Even Jenny from the block is getting in on the act! Jennifer Lopez recently shook her famous hind-quarters while in concert wearing a high-cut leotard paired with scandal-icious suspenders.

While Miley looked a fresh hot mess, JLo's look is pure awesome. I'm not just saying that because I'm a biased child of the '90s either. Something about how each element of her costume comes together makes it scream style, glamour, and sex appeal. I mean, is her butt out? Yes. Is it being fondled by a back-up dancer? Yes, yes it is. But am I bothered by it like I was bothered by Miley's butt-baring ensemble? Not a whit!


I think it's equal parts hair and accessories that are really making this whole risque look work. Jennifer Lopez's flowing full locks are really Bardot-like in a glam-fabulous way. Her makeup is classy and on point, and her bejeweled leotard is well-served by the sexy black suspenders and tights she's wearing.

jennifer lopez

JLo has clearly discovered the beauty of layering, saucy minx that she is. She's got a layer of beige fishnet tights beneath her whole get-up that add the right amount of texture and sophistication. Miley, take note. If you want to flaunt booty, this is how you do it.

Do you love or loathe JLo's look?


Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty

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