Taylor Swift's Dramatic Makeover Leaves Her Barely Recognizable (PHOTO)

taylor swiftTaylor Swift is adorable. She can also be called cute, beautiful, gorgeous, youthful, pretty ... you get the point. She can also be described as blonde. She's had various shades of flaxen hair and they all look good on her. But she's now brunette. And not just a mousey brown -- a rich, dark brown.

Swift has completely changed her signature locks for the film The Giver. She's almost unrecognizable ... I nearly mistook her for Laura Prepon -- the brunette version. See for yourself.



taylor swift

The 24-year-old singer and actress looks ... dare I say ... older as a brunette. Of course it could be the clothing she's wearing in this poster or the different hairstyle. Looking older isn't a bad thing ... at her age. But not something anyone wants to be told. She's still gorgeous; she just looks a little more ready to teach first graders in this photo rather than belt out lovesick songs about Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor's proof that in her case, blondes have more fun. I'm a brunette, so I'm going to say in my case (and any other brunette's), it's the dark-haired ladies who have the most fun. I just prefer Taylor with golden locks.

What do you think of Taylor's makeover as a brunette?


Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

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