6 Pretty Slip Dresses Real Women Can Wear (PHOTOS)

slip dressWhen was the last time you wore a slip dress? You know, those little spaghetti-strap dresses that look adorable when you're in your teens but start looking a little too insubstantial once you start having kids? Well, don't give up on them yet. Summer temperatures are creeping up already, and nothing keeps you cool like an easy, breezy slip dress. You don't have to be a 19-year-old waif to pull them off, either. They come in different shapes that flatter everyone. Here are 6 slip dresses that will make you feel cool and feminine this summer.

  • Ruffle Slip Dress


    You know how a lot of slip dresses are too loose and too tight in all the wrong places? Well, this one won't leave your cleavage or your underarms feeling exposed. But it's got some give at the belly and hips. Thank you!

    $25, Old Navy

  • Black Jersey Slip Dress



    This is a very simple, chic slip dress -- and it's very forgiving, too. The high neckline and knee length keep you covered enough, but it's still got plenty of flow to keep you comfortable.

    $12.95, H&M

  • Crochet Hem Slip Dress


    This dress is just plain sweet with that crochet hem. And it's on sale!

    $52.80, Nordstrom

  • Woven Abstract Midi Dress


    Here's another long-ish slip dress with a waistline that won't squeeze you. This one would look good over a white T-shirt, if you're not loving your arms these days.

    $22.80, Forever 21

  • Tiered Slip Dress


    For those who dare, this one is shorter than the others. But I love this bright color! The tier keeps it from being too body-con.

    $44, Miss Selfridge

  • Bias-Cut Slip Dress


    All right, this MICHAEL by Michael Kors dress is for the most confident women. Bias-cut dresses are tricky, but they can look great on both curvy women and petite women. It's all in how you hold yourself. It's got good coverage on top and in the length, and the color is a dream. Best of all, it's on sale right now. Gorgeous for a date night!

    $31, Neiman Marcus


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