5 Natural Acne Cures to Clear Your Skin Up

how to clear up your skinI thought one of the (few) benefits of getting older meant that I was done dealing with zits. I have never been so wrong. Now, in addition to the odd, sore, bright red pustule on my forehead, I've also got to deal with my very first wrinkles. Yeah. It's a special and disgusting time. Throw the fact that I've got exceptionally sensitive skin into the mix and you've got a truly awful cocktail of woe.

When I was younger I tried every over-the-counter skin treatment imaginable. I even visited a dermatologist for prescription pills and creams. Eventually, I discovered a regime that worked for me. It's still the one I use now. It mostly keeps my skin in order. But when I do have a breakout, I prefer to use these 5 all-natural at-home acne remedies. They are cheaper and totally effective.


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1. Garlic

Most acne breakouts have bacteria to blame for their existence. Garlic slays that nasty stuff!  Mash up a fresh clove of garlic, and apply the juicy pulp to your blemish. Let it sit for as long as you like. Maybe make garlic bread with what you have left over.

2. Lemon

This one is great for overnight eruptions. Put a dab of fresh juice on the spot and go to sleep letting the acid and vitamin C do their work. But make sure you rinse your face thoroughly before heading out into the sun - lemon is super-sensitive to the sun!

3. Clay Mask

You can buy a clay mask off the shelf -- or you can make one yourself! The clay tightens mores and dries out the spot like whoa.

4. Fresh Tomato Juice

Eat tomatoes! They are so good for you, full of antioxidants that keep you looking and feeling young. Those antioxidants can do great things on your outsides too! Apply to problem areas and watch the healing unfold.

5. Egg White Mask

Oh man, this is a favorite of mine. In general the egg acts as a pore-tightener. But this also makes for a great at home nose strip, perfect for pulling away stubborn blackheads. Apply a thick coating to your block areas, let dry totally and remove with clean fingers or a warm, slightly moist, washcloth.

Do you have any all-natural acne cures you swear by?


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