Blake Lively Risks Wardrobe Malfunction in Summer’s Hottest Dress (PHOTO)

blake lively yellow dressI woke up this morning to find everyone talking about one thing: Kourtney Kardashian's third pregnancy. BUT! The second thing that comes up after that is the yellow, cleavage-showcasing Gucci dress Blake Lively wore to a Time for Change cocktail event last night. Ladies, she upstaged Beyonce. No one ever does that! People are slobbering over this dress like crazy. Why do you think that is? Hmmm ...


blake lively yellow dress

I mean, it's an adorable dress, to be sure, '60s-inspired with a flirty skirt. I love that sunny yellow, which is so perfect for June. Not many women can pull off yellow without looking sallow -- how does she do it? That's pretty darn impressive. But that can't be all -- what else about her look is making people talk?

blake lively yellow dress

Oh yes, I see it now ... the plunging cut-out in the front allows for a generous view of her ample bosom. I guess I didn't see that immediately. (Just kidding -- that's the first thing I noticed.) It's almost edging up on wardrobe malfunction territory. One ill-planned twist and you could be oversharing in a big way. If she drops her phone, she'll definitely have to ask someone else to pick it up for her. Here's a front view of Blake Lively's dress. And yet, she still ends up looking classy -- in a Barbie doll kind of way.

That must be why women love Blake -- she reminds us of our Barbie dolls. Which means not only does she have the same build and hair, but she also gets away with wearing outfits that are way too daring and glamorous for us regulars. I mean, this yellow dress has elements that the rest of us would wear, like the elbow-length sleeves, the collar, the skirt, maybe even the leather trim and the color. But that cleavage keyhole sent it rocketing off into lala-land. I don't see anyone else in my neighborhood rocking that look at the playground or the office. Hey, I'm glad someone's dressing like that, though.

What do you think of Blake Lively's dress -- adorable or too much?


Image via iamblakelively/Instagram

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