10 New Mom Splurges That Cost $35 or Less (PHOTOS)

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As new moms, we deserve to spend a million dollars on ourselves.
We carried a baby for almost 10 months, gave birth, and continue to lose nights of sleep -- and even our hair! -- for months after delivery. But the reality is that diapers and baby gear (not to mention college tuition) are pretty darn expensive, so we don't quite have that luxury.

Okay. So maybe this isn't the ideal time to buy the Gucci bag that makes your heart sing. Doesn't mean you can't stock up on some new mom necessities that won't break the bank and WILL keep you looking and feeling fantastic when you're running on 20 minutes of sleep.

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You're pressed for time, going through all kinds of hormonal nonsense, and strapped for cash. We know. And we've got you covered. Here are 10 "splurges" under $35 that are tailor-made for new mommies.


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