Rihanna's Latest Look Leaves ZERO to the Imagination (PHOTO)

rihannaRihanna is always looking to push the boundaries of fashion ever forward. It's part of why she was honored at the CFDA awards. Rihanna was given the title of fashion icon. It's not surprising, then, that she took what she wore to the ceremony very seriously. Just recently her stylist was bemoaning how many clothes RiRi goes through in a year. Maybe that explains this latest look. Because something has to, you guys. It was crazy.

Rihanna trotted up the red carpet in basically nothing. Sure, it was head-to-toe Swarovski crystals ... but there was no dress attached to them! That isn't even really that much of an exaggeration. Rihanna's dress was entirely see-through. She played it demure below the waist, wearing an incognito thong. But she let her bosoms run wild! The mink stole clutch around her lower region? That's just for show. 


I mean, maybe if I looked like Rihanna too, I'd want to flash a little nipple to the public, but I'm thinking that's a big ol' no. I think see-through shirts with bras are plenty risque enough, thank you very much! I don't like coming across like a prude (something that's totally happening here and now), but it's also kind of galling to see a woman's natural beauty outshined by her own nudity-stunt!


Because friends, I guarantee you -- no one was looking at her face. It doesn't matter what your sexual preference is. If you are standing across from someone with crystals placed upon their naked boobs, you're going to stare at those boobs! Rihanna is definitely sending a message with this gown. The message in question: Clothes don't matter, my body matters. And hey, if that's what you want to tell a room full of fashion designers, I guess more power to you.

Do you think this look is classy or trashy?


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty

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