Man Has 10 Plastic Surgeries to Make Truly Unique Change (PHOTOS)

man changed faceWhen you first look at Xiahn Nishi, you see nothing out of the ordinary. He appears to be a particularly stylish young man from South Korea. Sure, he might have a sort of surgical veneer about him, but hey, what's wrong with a little nip or a little tuck? Then you learn he wasn't born 'Xiahn.' His birth name was, in fact, Max, and he's not from South Korea at all. 

Nishi was actually born in Brazil and worked as a model for several years. But after visiting South Korea and falling in love with its culture, he made a decision. He wanted to transform his face, starting with his eyes. He approached a surgeon about injectables and other options to help achieve this look. It only took 10 surgeries (*so much sarcasm dripping from the word only*), but now Nishi has accomplished his goal: He looks like a local. 


xiahn nishi

Frankly, I don't understand how a doctor could have let him do this once -- let alone the required 10 times to achieve his "ideal" look. Can you imagine going into a doctor's office and being like, "I visited this country and like the people from here more than myself, so let's change my face so I look like them, mkay?" Clearly there is a mental health component that is being ignored! If you are THAT unhappy with how you look, it's a problem that isn't going to be resolved permanently with plastic surgery alone.

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man changed face

The results of Nishi's surgeries are truly shocking. He isn't sure if he's going to do the surgery again -- which he'd have to do when the fillers by his eyes deplete -- but he's also happy with the results. He certainly seems happy enough if you look at all the photos he's been posting to social media. But when the outside adulation goes, who's to say how long his sense of satisfaction will last? How long is it before he just goes under the knife again rather than deal with his real issues?

Do you think these surgeries are a cry for help?


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