Angelina Jolie’s ‘Maleficent’ Shoes Are Killer in More Ways Than One (PHOTO)

maleficent angelina jolieDorothy's ruby red slippers, kindly step aside. There's a new iconic footwear we're obsessed with: Angelina Jolie's wicked Maleficent shoes. Legendary shoe designer Christian Louboutin created them just for her, and Jolie is showing them off at premieres all over the world. My favorite by far is the pair made for the Asian launch -- gold foil with transparent panels and creepy, horn-shaped heels. The better to remind you of Maleficent's horned headpiece, my dear!

You have to see these one-of-a-kind, custom-made shoes. They're so evocative of Jolie and her character. But ... could you ever imagine yourself wearing them?


At first glance you have to wonder how Angelina manages to walk in those Louboutins. That heel looks so flimsy -- it's hollow, after all. What's supporting her heel? We don't want Ms. Jolie teetering and falling over at a premiere. But when you get the full view you can see that they're actually half wedges, so they wouldn't be a total nightmare to walk in. Just a medium-high challenge ... for clumsy people like me. Here's the black version.

maleficent angelina jolie shoes

But hey, if I were inspiring famous shoemakers they'd probably be churning out new versions of the Birkenstock sandal (Giza4EVA!). Fortunately for the world, that is not happening. Here's what Mr. Louboutin says about this thrilling new shoe: "It's exciting to work with a film that has such a strong aesthetic and a character as great as Maleficent. I've been under the charm and spell of Angelina and her character." Haven't we all, Mr. Louboutin. Haven't we all.

So a shoe inspired by a very complex character: Not exactly evil, but definitely dangerous. Dark, gorgeous, and powerful, but with a painful past. I mean, what mom doesn't kind of want to identify with that, when you think about it? No one likes being the bad guy, but we all play one from time to time. These are our shoes, mama bitches!

Except obviously they're not, because you can't wear them on the playground or while running to work or God forbid, to a parent-teacher conference. They're the shoes of our inner selves, I suppose. The shoes we put on mentally when we need to be a little wicked or mysterious or mean ... for whatever reason.

What do you think of Angelina Jolie's Maleficent shoes?


Images via Disney, courtesy Christian Louboutin


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