Miley Cyrus Refuses to Keep It Covered in Her Worst Outfit Since 'Twerking' (PHOTOS)

Look. I love leotards. I think it's great that pop performers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and yes, Miley Cyrus are making them a mainstay of live performances. It makes me think of old-time burlesque shows. But Miley Cyrus' latest leotard took things to a new place. Her look was less "nostalgic and sexy" and more "oh my god what happened to my eyes, why is there blood pouring down my face?!"

Maybe that's an exaggeration -- but just a slight one. Miley took to the stage wearing what is arguably her tackiest, nastiest costume to date. Look. I am a feminist. I think if you waggle your bare ass on stage for the masses, tongue flapping in the wind, that's great! But if you think what you are doing is sexy, you are incorrect. It's almost like Miley heard me talking about her classy look last week and decided to dress in a way that is basically giving me the middle finger.


miley's butt

At first, I was down with Miley's latest leotard. It was patterned to look like US currency, and that is definitely an amusing commentary, and also she looks great in that color green. But that was before I saw the bottom half of said leotard. I guess I should just say, that's when I saw her bottom. I'M SORRY, I HAD TO, YOU GUYS!

miley's butt

Miley's bare behind was not even remotely covered by her ensemble! This seemed to be a fact she reveled in, booty-dancing around the stage in a manner most trashy. I guess to each their own, but I'm struggling with her shticks of this matter now that I know she can look so classy and awesome. Embrace your beauty, Miley! Embrace it! And put your fanny away.

Do you think Miley went too far?


Images via Maja Suslin/Getty

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