12 Pieces of Jewelry for Every Sign of the Zodiac (PHOTOS)

12 Pieces of Jewelry for Every Sign of the Zodiac (PHOTOS)

scales Whether you believe in it or not, astrology is fun. I've always been fascinated by people who make it their whole lives. I'm a Cancer, and while I've been known to read a horoscope or two (or 12), I've never put much stock in it. After all, one of my best friends is a Gemini, which by star standards shouldn't be possible for me.

But if there's ever an excuse to buy jewelry, I'm all about it. I was recently thinking about buying the aforementioned Gemini bestie some astrology-themed jewelry to celebrate her birthday. I fell into a rabbit hole of treasures, and it got me thinking -- surely there were cute options for EVERY astrological sign out there! 

I've rounded up one awesome piece of jewelry to go with each sign of the zodiac! But this is only the beginning. Get out there and get hunting. Horoscope jewelry is a sweet, unique, thoughtful gift! My birthday is July 3rd. Just sayin'.

Do you believe in astrology?

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