Christy Turlington's 'Vogue' Cover Is Jaw-Dropping (PHOTO)

Christy Turlington A lot of people talk about celebrities and models who only look better with age. But that has never been truer than it has been about Christy Turlington. The woman has been on the cover of Vogue UK 15 times. You heard me: 15. Times. She's 45 and she's basically even more beautiful than she's ever been before. Is being married to Ed Burns magic? What is her secret? Blood of virgins? 

I have a funny feeling that Christy's secret is a whole lot more obvious: She leads a fulfilling life outside of the modeling world, and that's got to contribute to keeping her looking so glowing and radiant. She got her degree in 1999 and has been a passionate social activist ever since. While that sounds like infinitely less fun and a whole lot more work than getting, say, a facial, it's worked for her and then some. 


Not letting all this go to her head has definitely contributed to her stunning looks. While she doesn't regularly model these days, she's proud of the relationships she's maintained with brands like Calvin Klein and Maybelline. She chooses projects as the mood strikes her, and it's that worry-free attitude that distinguishes her from other overly ambitious models who burn out -- and it shows on their faces. 

Christy Turlington

More young girls should know about Turlington. She's a great role model. She followed her dreams and let her dreams grow as she did. The intelligence and calm worldview she brings to everything she does have been a veritable tonic of eternal youth for her. It's clear she doesn't do anything unless it makes her happy. Her dedication to her family and her kids? That's intensely lovely, and it shows on her face in the best way possible. 

What do you think Turlington's beauty secret is?


Images via Christopher Peterson/Splash News/VogueUK/Twitter

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