10 Beautiful, Beachy Manicures You Can Do at Home (PHOTOS)

beach nailsPutting together a look for the beach is definitely an art. There are so many other things on our mind when it comes to cultivating our beachy persona. First there are the perils of searching for the suit itself. Then you've got to find a cover-up, a hat, sunglasses, and let's not even get into the battle for the perfect footwear. When it comes to our summertime-at-the-beach ensemble, our nails might be the last thing we think about. 

Which is really too bad! Why? Because our nails can totally pull our whole look together. That's right. When it comes to beach fashion, stellar nails are the equivalent of remembering to belt that dress. It's totally true! Of course if you're active on the beach, you might be tempted to skip out on polish altogether. But I think one glance at what these nail artists are coming up with for the summer might have you changing your mind.

There's something for everyone when it comes to beachy-themed nail art. Want to keep it simple? That's totally possible. Want a nautical theme? They are out there in spades. Hope to tell a joke? Let your nails become the punchline in the best way possible! We've rounded up 10 stellar beach nail looks. Hopefully they'll serve as all the information you need before you trot out to the ocean or the pool, all decked out and fabulous.

Do you think about your nails when you're getting ready to go to the beach?


Image via Twitter